How to Acquire a Multi-Milli­on Dollar Real Estate Portfolio Post-COVID-19 Starting with Just $3,000 – 2020 Edition

In this 2 hour and 1 minute class, James walks you through the updated process for acquiring a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio post-COVID-19 starting with a single $3,000 down payment. This class is updated to use even more of the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software.

This is a class we've taught multiple times. This is the June 17, 2020 edition.

Copy  Scenario

You can copy the  Scenario we used in the class to change any of the assumptions. Here's the link:

Just like the other versions of this same class, this particular strategy relies on you using lease-options to fund additional purchases and is considered a very active, work-intensive version of the Nomad™ strategy.

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