How to Acquire 8 Rental Properties With Down Payments for Two

In our first ever Real Estate Investor Story, we meet Andrea and learn how to acquire 8 rental properties with down payments for two.

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Andrea's situation:

  • 40 years old
  • Has her accounting degree from Arizona State University
  • Works in accounting for a small manufacturing business – she's a planner
  • Earns about $4,000 per month
  • Divorced, single mom with 2 small boys (age 2 and 4)
  • Has $100K saved up including some of the joint proceeds from the sale of a previous home
  • Money is going to be tight supporting her and two kids on just her salary so not a lot to save
  • Wants to be able to provide for her family, save for retirement
  • Original plan was to buy two rental properties with 20% down payment and rent while she saves up for 5% down payment for a property to live in
  • If she had done that, she'd have small positive cash flow from the rentals (her savings)
  • Decides to buy a home with 5% down and while talking to the lender and her real estate agent realizes that she is required to stay in the property for a year, but could covert them to rentals after a year
  • This would allow her to buy more properties and have a larger asset base (less immediate cash flow)

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