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Real Estate Financial Planner™ Resources

  • Scenarios are groups of Accounts, Properties and Rules grouped together to see how that particular group of assets performed for you over the time period you select.
  • Accounts are places you store money. You might have one for your IRA or other retirement funds. You might have another for depositing your income and expenses and saving for down payments for Properties.
  • Properties are houses, duplexes, triplexes, four-plexes, condos, townhomes, commercial buildings or apartments you own.
  • Rules allow you to manipulate Accounts and Properties. Use Rules to buy Properties at specific intervals, move money between Accounts, change characteristics on Properties like appreciation and rent appreciation or dozens of other characteristics, collect a paycheck and pay expenses and much more.
  • Set Goals so you can see how your Scenario performs toward your specific, desired outcomes.
  • Significant Events are important milestones in your Scenarios like buying a Property.
  • View Charts summarizing any Scenario or drill down and see Charts for dozens of metrics for each individual Account or Property. You can even compare Scenarios to each other to see how they compare.
  • Evaluate different Scenarios with diverse or optimized strategies to see which you should implement by running Monte Carlo simulations and comparing Expected Values for each.
  • Plus much, much more...