Fewer Clients, More Money

Discover your opportunity for a better life in the real estate business…

  • Stop worrying about where your next sale is coming from
  • Stop cutting your commission
  • Stop holding open houses
  • Stop prospecting
  • Stop wasting time with pretend buyers
  • Lock in consistent, predictable streams of commission checks
  • Start serving clients at a higher level
  • Take back control over your clients, your time, and enjoy life
  • Be the envy of every other real estate agent in your market

Dear Fellow Real Estate Professional,

Below, I’ll show you exactly how you can have the same system that I built—after investing thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in trial and error—set up and put to work for you, done for you, to dramatically change your immediate commission income and future banked commission income (and the way that you make it) for the better.

James and FamilyMy name is James Orr. I am a 41-year-old REALTOR® in Northern Colorado. I have two college age sons, a wife and a dog that I love to spend time with (photo to the right). As a real estate broker, I own a three-and-a-quarter person real estate brokerage called James Orr Real Estate Services LLC. It is not what anyone would ever consider a traditional real estate office. My company is just me and my wife plus two assistants—one full time and one that does a handful of hours a week. However, you don’t need a spouse working with you or assistants to do what I do.

When I first got into real estate, I experienced the traditional feast and famine cycles that many sales professionals suffer through. I studied and tried just about every real estate book, course, and seminar out there searching for a solution. Maybe you’ve studied some of the same material by Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Craig Proctor, Brian Buffini, Ninja Selling, Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Mike Ferry, Tony Robbins, and many more. Sure, each one taught me something, but it wasn’t until mid-2015 that I discovered the strategy that helped my sales almost double (commission checks as proof below).

Now, I have traded in chasing down clients like a madman herding cats and the self-inflicted torture of prospecting, to serving clients at such a high level that they seek me out in order to work with me. I spend most of my time on my passion of creating tools, writing, and teaching classes. I probably spend 2 or 3 days a week actually brokering properties for clients. While I still show houses, it is almost exclusively to serious buyers that either have bought, or are planning to buy, multiple homes from me. I rarely list homes, except for clients I’m especially fond of and usually only after they’ve convinced me they shouldn’t keep the property as a rental. My clients are almost exclusively actively working on acquiring multi-million dollar real estate portfolios and I now consider many of them my best friends—how bad is it to help 50 or more friends become multi-millionaires with tons of free time to travel and enjoy life as clients? I don’t have to answer every call at inconvenient times or instantly return voicemails for fear a client will call another real estate agent they know.

The last couple years, I have averaged 3.58 commissions per month with an average commission of $9,191 which is about $32,903 a month of commission income. I am in the top 1% of buyer’s agents in Northern Colorado. Of course, there are a lot of real estate agents in our business that make more money than I do carrying 50 to 75 listings. However, many listings sit stagnant on the market while they maintain them, wasting valuable time and money marketing these “albatross” listings. Only about 10% (approximately 4 per year) of my commissions were listings and I don’t kill myself working with my kind of clients.

I’ve taken half a dozen vacations in the last couple years (which I felt bamboozled into taking by my wife and family): several international trips to tropical paradises with my wife, and one to spend quality one-on-one time with my son (which I actually did enjoy).

Over the last year, approximately 50 sales in my brokerage business were effortlessly teed up for me through my exclusive group of real estate investors.

Members of my group of real estate investors are voluntarily “locked in” to me, and I am able to HELP THESE MEMBERS BUY HOME AFTER HOME FOR A CONSISTENT, RELIABLE STREAM OF INCOME.

Call it a personality flaw, but I hate prospecting and won’t do it. Forget about cold calling or door knocking; not my thing and never was. The idea of having to convert leads into appointments using some high pressure phone “sales script” makes me physically sick to my stomach. In fact, I’m somewhat phone averse… I strongly prefer email and many of my clients know this and go out of their way to accommodate my quirks (more on this later).

I know, as soon as you hear “doing business with real estate investors”, you want to run away screaming in horror. Wait! These are not those types of real estate investors.

  • This is NOT about helping investors find stinky “dumps-of-a-home” that need to be fixed up for profit. Been there, done that, not fun.
  • This is not about showing 100 homes and writing 90 low-ball offers at 70 cents on the dollar. Many of my clients this year happily paid ABOVE ASKING PRICE to buy their homes.
  • This isn’t about showing crummy beat up multi-family homes with crooked floors that make you want to take a shower immediately after showing them.
  • This isn’t about finding that rare-gem of a property where you can immediately add value in some special way.
  • This isn’t about finding the distressed, motivated seller that needs to be willing to accept your buyer’s creative financing terms.

I don’t encourage any of my clients to do any of that nonsense! I help the real estate investor members of my group buy pretty, single family homes in great areas of town. Once my members own these pretty homes (usually after a year—more on that in a bit), they use my system to either rent the property to nice folks like you and me or to sell them to a tenant-buyer. When the tenant-buyer purchases the home from my investor members, my investors use their sales proceeds to purchase more single family homes. Many clients start buying one home per year, but can ultimately end up buying several each year with me as their agent. I have, with my client’s best interest in mind, engineered multiple future sales when their investment properties sell to their tenant-buyers. In fact, each sale for me today can be expected to generate at least two sales for me in the future with the same client.

My members respect my time and advice, call me on holidays, show up for my birthday parties with gifts and I sincerely consider most of them amazing friends that I only met because they became my client. I have more quirky behaviors than most and they tolerate an unfathomable amount of oddness from me… and from what I can tell, they’re happy to do so.

You can “replicate” EVERYTHING that I do, make as much—or a lot more if you choose—and have the same “LOCKED IN”, AUTOMATIC, RELIABLE STREAM OF SALES that I enjoy. In fact, I’ll do a good deal of the “work” for you since I’ve already done it and continue doing it for my clients in Northern Colorado (more on that in a bit).

It is hard to believe but 100% true…

A real estate investor “Recruiting and Retention System” that has investors asking to become your client so they can buy homes with you and access your special tools and training resources. These investors are contacting you, eager to do business with you and hoping that you accept them as a client.

I’ve become so popular that we’ve implemented a waiting list for some of the special classes that our investors wanted to attend to get help with their real estate investing. For example, as I write this, for tonight’s class there are 37 people RSVP’d and 9 people on the waiting list in case someone changes their RSVP. Each month, we get a number of new people who join our group, attend one of our meetings, and want to become a client. Now, understand that this isn’t just a lead. These folks show up to get more information about our special investing strategies and if they think it is a good fit, ask if they can become our client.

Remember, these are not just tire kicking leads from Zillow that have contacted 6 other real estate agents at the same time. These are buyers that are interested in buying multiple properties with you over period of time, often with the goal of acquiring a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio of rental properties. And they’re chasing us to work with us and our specialized program to help them buy multiple properties. Here’s a chart showing the number of new members joining our group; each bar is the number of people that joined that month.

Over the last month, as I write this in February, 2018, we had about 29 new members join our group and find out about working with us to acquire a multi-million dollar property portfolio. Compare this to 29 listing appointments. First off, how easy is it to go on 29 listing appointments in one month and keep your sanity? But what if you could? If you could convert 50% of your listing appointments to listings taken, you’d have around 14 projects—I mean listings. Now you have to do all that work… lockboxes, MLS data entry, disclosure preparation, photos, virtual tours, yard signs, flyers and flyer boxes, single page websites, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and open houses. That sounds like a nightmare to me compared to what I do in my business; I don’t deal with any of that nonsense.

Instead of 29 listing appointments, I tell everyone to show up at the local Board of Realtors education room at 6 PM on Wednesday night and I make a single presentation to the entire room, all at one time. If they’re interested, great… we sit down over a burrito at my favorite burrito place that I’ve eaten at, on average, 6 days a week since 2000 (I told you I have some serious quirks) to make sure I want them as a client and that they’re qualified to work with me. I even have a special web page set up that I email them to schedule the meeting with me at the burrito place.

Here are two photos from classes I’ve done for our members at our local Board of Realtors… one with a full house and one with a very small crowd of 3 people. We see groups of varying sizes depending on the class topic and night.

A large percentage of the new real estate agents quit the business within the first year. Plus, there are a ton of agents that maintain their real estate licenses but don’t really sell any homes. What causes someone to “wash out” as a real estate agent and quit the business?

I know… I was almost one of them. Real estate agents that don’t have systems like mine get tired, frustrated, beat-down and most of them are NOT MAKING ANY MONEY. According to the 2017 Member Profile from the National Association of REALTORS®:

“The median gross income of REALTORS® was $42,500 in 2016, an increase from $39,200 in 2015. Fifty-six percent of members who have two years or less experience made less than $10,000 in 2016…”

That means that half of all REALTORS® earn less than $42,500 per year GROSS before expenses.

Furthermore, agents with less than two years experience had a median gross income of $8,930. That means that half of all real estate agents with less than 2 years experience earned less than $8,930 total, gross income (that’s before expenses).


I believe that a large number of real estate agents start from scratch each month… living hand-to-mouth, commission check to commission check… in a constant state of fear and always worrying about where the next sale is going to come from. Hoping and praying that your listing sells or that your one buyer doesn’t find a nice FSBO and cut you out of the deal should not be the norm. Unfortunately, for many agents, I think it is.

In my area (probably like yours), many real estate agents work for free. Either they take over-priced listings that don’t sell or they show houses to buyers that aren’t ready to buy. If you’re playing this game, you’re going to kill yourself. You spend your time advertising and promoting over-priced homes or driving around unqualified, unmotivated buyers and in both cases you’re not getting paid. I’ve been there before myself… spending my evenings and weekends marketing and showing houses only to lose the sale when the listing didn’t sell or the buyer did not buy. This was extremely painful for me both in lost income and time.

Without a consistent, predictable stream of sales magnetically attracted to you like iron filings to a magnet, you DO NOT have a business. You have an unpredictable, unreliable sales job with no certainty and no guarantee of a paycheck—it is the absolute worst kind of job there is!

If you’re ready for a solution and you’d rather avoid or eliminate the frustration and burn-out that results in many new real estate agents leaving the business and keeps many of the remaining real estate agents in a constant state of fear and uncertainty, there’s a very simple solution:

You must get off the feast and famine roller coaster.

That means you must go from suffering in agony, cowering in fear, and desperately trying to shake the scent of desperation from your clothes and replace it with the certainty of knowing that you bring immense value to your client’s lives.

Take back control over your time and your life.

Perhaps your wife isn’t bamboozling you into going on multiple tropical, international trips each year… maybe you actually want to go. Really, it is about the things that you want: your travel dreams, guilt-free time to spend with family, friends, and hobbies. Whatever it is that allows you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Most real estate agents I know live in a constant state of fear. They work seven days a week, mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends. When a client emails, calls or texts… they must answer immediately lest that client call another real estate agent and all the work with that client to that point is lost. Never turning off and never setting healthy boundaries with clients. If buyers want to see a property, you go. Never mind the ball game, school play, birthday party, wedding anniversary or, heaven forbid, a simple afternoon nap.

Many real estate agents believe that’s just the way the real estate business works, but they’re wrong and I’ll prove it.

I’ve broken down this content into a trilogy of three books that I dreamed up on my trip to see the Panama canal earlier this year.

  • This book on why to work with real estate investors and run a real estate investor group
  • A second book on how to start your very own, profitable real estate investor group in your market
  • A third book on how to run your profitable real estate investor group

Armed with these three books, you can duplicate what I’ve built in my own marketplace and get off the feast and famine roller coaster.

While I’ll share everything you need to know about why you may want to work with the right real estate investors through your own real estate investing group and how to start and run that group, there may be a few of you that will be interested in having me help you beyond what we can do in a book.

  • For example, some of you may want to legally use the presentations I’ve given to my investors in my local group. Or, at least use them as a starting point to customize to your own market.
  • Some of you may want to offer your clients the spreadsheets that allow clients to analyze deals and track their income and expenses on their rental properties.
  • Maybe a few of you want to use my Nomad Calculator Classic and Nomad Calculator 3 software to be able to create your own presentations using properties from your own market.
  • And, who knows, there might be one or two that want to use the same books and resources I’ve created to give away to members that join our group.

But, I am getting way ahead of myself. First, let’s talk about why you may want to work with real estate investors.

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