Deal Analysis Post-Coronavirus

In this special 2 hour and 10 minute class, Brian digs into how to analyze deals using The World's Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ and his new simpler spreadsheet.

This class was taught on June 3, 2020.

Topics Covered

This class is similar, but an updated version of World’s Greatest Deal Analysis Spreadsheet Unleashed – 2019 Edition. In this class Brian covers:

  • A shorter COVID-19 Update
  • How do buy-and-hold real estate investors, Nomads™ and house hackers make money – the four areas of return from the Return on Investment Quadrant™
  • Terms and definitions of deal analysis
  • An introduction to the new “simplified” spreadsheet
  • Finding properties to buy
  • Example property to analyze #1 – a new construction single-family home
  • Why roll in seller concessions?
  • Determining fair-market rents
  • Income and expenses, rent sensitivity and cash-on-cash return on investment
  • How a change in interest rates impacts your return on this deal
  • Overall return on investment, yearly return on investment and return on equity
  • A brief discussion on putting more down or buying down your interest rate
  • A new discussion of capital expenses
  • A new brief discussion on reserves post-coronavirus
  • Analyzing the same property, but as a Nomad™
  • Example property to analyze #2 – four-plex
  • As-is cash-on-cash and return on investment versus pro-forma cash-on-cash and return on investment by raising rents to fair market rents and adding in utility billbacks
  • What's a deal in today's, post-coronavirus market?
  • A note on comparing returns?
  • Some final miscellaneous thoughts on analyzing properties

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