Closing Real Estate Deals – 2020 Edition

In this special 2 hour and 6 minute class recording, James and Brian cover what is involved with closing a real estate purchase and what to expect at closing itself.

This class was taught on July 29, 2020.

Class Outline

  • Buying Process Overview
  • Closing
  • Not Exactly Sequential
  • Review Closing Docs
  • Change Utilities
  • Review Closing Disclosure with Lender
  • Seller Concessions
  • Verify Good Funds with Title
  • Estimating Cash Required with Lender
  • Real Estate Agent Reviews Settlement Statemnets
  • Scheduling Closing (Tense Negotiations)
  • Scheduling Closing (Mail Away Closing)
  • Scheduling Closing (Power of Attorney)
  • Kids at Closing
  • Bring to Closing
  • Final Walkthrough
  • Closing Proceeds
  • Closing
  • Real Estate Closing Docs and Financing Closing Docs
  • Rents Collected at Closing
  • Title Insurance Review
  • Hold Open Title Policy
  • Property Taxes
  • “Real Estate” Closing Documents
  • Common Types of Deeds
  • Getting Copy of Your Deed
  • Assignment of LEases
  • Lease for Post-Closing Occupancy
  • Property Taxes on New Construction
  • Real Estate Agent Attending Closing
  • “Financing” Closing Documents
  • Lender Attending Closing
  • Lender Fails to Fund Loan for Closing
  • Change Locks
  • Closing Documents and Files
  • Mailbox Keys
  • Reminder About Possession
  • Notify Tenants
  • Notify Neighbors

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