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These are the checklists related to Contract Deadline: Buyer's Credit Information Deadline.

These tasks are when you're under contract to buy the property and related to the Buyer's Credit Information Deadline in the "Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate".

This deadline relates to proving the Seller with your credit information in the case where you're getting Owner Financing. It is rarely used and if you intend to get Owner Financing you'll want to hire an Attorney for assistance since Real Estate Brokers are not qualified or trained to do this and not allowed to assist with this.

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  1. Complete "Buyer’s Credit Information Deadline" checklist
  2. IF OWNER FINANCING: Hire Attorney to help
    If you're getting Owner Financing (also known as Seller Financing) please hire an Attorney to get help. Your Real Estate Broker is not qualified, trained or allowed to assist with Owner Financing.

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