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  1. Complete "Post-Closing" checklist
  2. Turn off automatic property search emails
    Once you've closed on your property, you can safely turn off property search emails until you're ready to buy another property.

    Ask your Real Estate Broker to pause the automatic property search emails for you until you're ready to start buying again.

    Mark this task as complete when you've asked your Real Estate Broker to pause your property search emails.

    Post-ClosingProperty SearchUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 14

  3. Complete the "Dream Team - Post-Closing" checklist
  4. Complete the "Property Maintenance" checklist
  5. Complete the "Post-Closing Bookkeeping and Accounting" checklist
  6. Complete the "Maintain Your LLC" checklist
  7. Complete the "Prepare to be a Landlord" checklist
  8. Complete the "Prepare Property for Rent" checklist
  9. Complete the "Advertise Property for Rent" checklist
  10. Complete the "Take Calls from Tenants" checklist
  11. Complete the "Showings to Tenants" checklist
  12. Complete the "Process Application" checklist
  13. Complete the "Approve Applicant" checklist
  14. Complete the "Collect Rent" checklist
  15. Provide Tenant or Tenant-Buyer with receipt for rent collected each month
    Each month that you receive rent from your Tenant or Tenant-Buyer, it is considered a best practice to provide the Tenant or Tenant-Buyer with a receipt for the rent that was collected.

    Mark complete when done each month.

    Collect RentPost-ClosingUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 65

  16. Complete the "Collect Reservation Deposit" checklist
  17. Complete the "Lease Signing and Lease Review" checklist
  18. Complete the "Document Property Condition" checklist
  19. Complete the "Pre-Occupancy Reminders to Tenant" checklist
  20. Complete the "Tenant Move-In" checklist
  21. Complete the "Tenant Week 1" checklist
  22. Complete the "Tenant Month 1" checklist
  23. Complete the "Tenant Periodic Inspections" checklist
  24. Complete the "Tenant Turn-over Preparation" checklist
  25. Complete the "Tenant Turn-over" checklist
  26. Complete the "Post-Move-Out" checklist
  27. Complete the "Emergency Plan" checklist
  28. Complete the "Next Property" checklist