Checklist Tags

These are the checklists related to Showings.

These are the tasks related to requesting to look at properties and looking at properties. Real Estate Brokers refer to this as Showings.

When you click on the task, you can also see the tags that task is filed under. You can also click on the tag to see other tasks with that tag.

  1. Complete "Showings" checklist
  2. Create property folder on your computer within Dropbox
    Create a folder for this property purchase on your computer within Dropbox to stay organized.

    Mark this task complete once you've created the folder.

    ASAPComputer SetupShowingsUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9

  3. Complete "Showings: Request Showing" checklist
  4. Complete "Showings: Buyer Tour" checklist
  5. Complete "Showings: MLS Sheet" checklist