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  1. Complete "Buying Process Overview" checklist
  2. Class Watch "Get Your First Deal Done" Recording of Live Class
  3. Class Watch "Buying Process Overview for Nomads" Recording of Live Class
  4. Read "Benefits of Becoming a Client"
  5. Determine your Real Estate Broker
    Meet with James for lunch to discuss working with him. You can request a meeting by scheduling an appointment on his calendar:

    Mark this task as done once you've selected a Real Estate Broker to work with.

    ASAPBuying Process OverviewDream TeamDream Team - Pre-ClosingUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 1

  6. Complete "First Meeting" checklist
  7. Complete "Pre-Showings" checklist
  8. Complete "Showings" checklist
  9. Complete "Writing Offer" checklist
  10. Complete "Contract To Close" checklist
  11. Complete "Closing" checklist
  12. Complete "Post-Closing" checklist