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  1. Complete the "Plumbing Maintenance" checklist
  2. Check Water Shut Off Valve
    Verify the main water shut off valve is accessible and functioning properly.

    Complete once a year.

    Plumbing MaintenanceUltimate Nomad Checklist

  3. Insulate Pipes
    Check that all water pipes are properly insulated. Pipes running through exterior walls and uninsulated attics and crawlspaces may be at risk of freezing in winter months. Foam pipe sleeves come pre-slit and can easily be wrapped around unprotected pipes and sealed with tape.

    In addition, wrapping hot water pipes will save energy which in turn saves you money.

    Plumbing MaintenanceUltimate Nomad ChecklistWinterize Your Home

  4. Clean Aerators on Sinks
    Clean aerators on all sink fixtures once a year.

    Plumbing MaintenanceUltimate Nomad Checklist

  5. Flush Water Heater
    Drain and flush the water heater once a year. This will remove sediment that can build up and reduce the efficiency of the heater or clog the drain valve. Verify the pressure relief valve is working.

    You can do this yourself or hire someone.

    Plumbing MaintenanceUltimate Nomad Checklist

  6. IF WATER HEATER LEAKING Complete the "Leaking Water Heater" checklist