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  1. Complete "Emergency Escape Plan" checklist
    Complete "Emergency Escape Plan" checklist

    Emergency Escape PlanEmergency PlanUltimate Nomad Checklist

  2. Draw a Map of your Home
    Upon purchase of a new property, draw a map of your home.

    Include all doors, windows, & smoke alarms.

    Emergency Escape PlanUltimate Nomad Checklist

  3. Plan 2 Escape Paths from Each Room
    Plan 2 ways to get out of each room.

    This can include both doors and windows.

    Check to make sure you can open all doors and windows easily.

    Emergency Escape PlanUltimate Nomad Checklist

  4. Basement Egress Windows
    Basements containing any habitable room (bedroom, family room, game room) must have an egress window.

    As per the IRC 2015 the minimum requirements for an egress window are:

    • Window opening can’t exceed 44” from the finished floor
    • Minimum opening area of 5.7 square feet
    • Minimum opening height is 24” high

    IRC regulations get updated every 3 years.

    Emergency Escape PlanUltimate Nomad Checklist

  5. 2nd Story Escape Plan
    Plan how to escape from the 2nd story of the property.

    • Map escape routes leading down to the main level via stairs indoor or outdoors (if available)
    • Place fire extinguishers throughout the house including on the 2nd floor
    • Put fire escape ladders in all upstairs bedrooms. These are relatively inexpensive and can be deployed quickly

    Emergency Escape PlanUltimate Nomad Checklist

  6. In Case of Fire
    In case of fire:

    • If small enough, attempt to extinguish
    • If not, get low and make your way to your planned exit route
    • Close any doors between you and the fire to keep out the smoke and slow the spread of the fire
    • Attempt to escape from the house
    • Call 911

    Emergency Escape PlanUltimate Nomad Checklist

  7. Review Emergency Plan with Tenants
    Review the emergency plan with your tenants when they move in.

    Most people fail to make emergency escape plans and since you've already made one for the property it won't require any extra effort and it may one day save their lives.

    It will also serve as a reminder to you to review your own escape plan with your family for your current residence.

    Emergency Escape PlanUltimate Nomad Checklist