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These are the checklists related to Contract To Close: Inspection and Due Diligence.

These are the tasks in the Contract To Close checklists that are related to the inspection and due diligence group of deadlines like the deadlines for having your inspection done and objecting and coming to a resolution. Plus, deadlines for insurance, receiving due diligence documents, objecting to them and coming to a resolution regarding them. Finally, it also includes the deadline if you must sell a property before buying a new property.

This is mostly an organization list of tasks to group related sub-checklists together.

When you click on the task, you can also see the tags that task is filed under. You can also click on the tag to see other tasks with that tag.

  1. Complete "Contract To Close: Inspection and Due Diligence" checklist
  2. Class Watch "Negotiating Win-Win Inspections for Maximum Benefit" Recording of Live Class
    Watch the recording of the live presentation of "Negotiating Win-Win Inspections for Maximum Benefit" available on:

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  3. Complete "Inspection Objection Deadline" checklist
  4. Complete "Inspection Resolution Deadline" checklist
  5. Complete "Property Insurance Objection Deadline" checklist
  6. Complete "Due Diligence Documents Delivery Deadline" checklist
  7. Complete "Due Diligence Documents Objection Deadline" checklist
  8. Complete "Due Diligence Documents Resolution Deadline" checklist
  9. Complete "Conditional Sale Deadline" checklist