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  1. Complete "Contract To Close: Seller's Property Disclosure" checklist
    Complete the "Contract To Close: Seller's Property Disclosure" checklist:

    Since the "Seller's Property Disclosure" is often provided even before we write the offer, it is not uncommon that we use "Completed" for the date of this deadline. However, if we have not received the "Seller's Property Disclosure" prior to writing the offer, we often use "MEC + 3 Days" so that you can ideally get a copy of the "Seller's Property Disclosure" prior to your inspection.

    This is especially important since there is not an objection for the "Seller's Property Disclosure"; you'd need to object based on your inspection if you found something at the property that you learned about via the "Seller's Property Disclosure".

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  2. Class Watch "Seller's Property Disclosure Case Studies" Recording of Live Class