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These are the checklists related to Week 53.

These are the tasks for Week 53 of the Ultimate Nomad Checklist™.

In Week 53 we are coming up on our home buying anniversary and continuing to prepare to buy our next property, move out and convert this property to a rental.

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  1. Review my "Future Narrative"
  2. Schedule on your calendar when you'll do this week's tasks from your Future Narrative
    You're much more likely to follow through on your goals if you plan out when you'll do the steps to achieve them.

    So, take a moment to schedule out on your calendar when you'll actually do the tasks for this week on your calendar. Make an appointment with yourself to do them. If you need to reschedule one, reschedule it (don't delete it).

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  3. Send Accountant income and expenses for year
    Send your Accountant your income and expenses for the year to prepare your tax returns.

    Mark complete once you've sent your Accountant income and expenses from either Brian's Spreadsheet or the web-based version.

    AccountingBookkeepingBookkeeping and Accounting for NomadsPost-Closing Bookkeeping and AccountingUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 53

  4. Partnership Hold annual meeting for Partners
    Hold your annual meeting for Partners.

    Mark complete once you've held your annual meeting for Partners.

    Maintain Your LLCPartnershipsUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 53

  5. Partnership Review Operating Agreement
    Review your LLC Operating Agreement to make sure everything is up to date and relevant.

    Maintain Your LLCPartnershipsUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 53