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These are the checklists related to Week 14.

These are the tasks for Week 14 of the Ultimate Nomad Checklist™.

This is likely your first full week in the property. You can catch your breath and continue to learn more about Nomad and property management to prepare for a year from now when you'll have a Tenant or Tenant-Buyer in your property.

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  1. Review my goals
  2. Review my "Future Narrative"
  3. Schedule on your calendar when you'll do this week's tasks from your Future Narrative
    You're much more likely to follow through on your goals if you plan out when you'll do the steps to achieve them.

    So, take a moment to schedule out on your calendar when you'll actually do the tasks for this week on your calendar. Make an appointment with yourself to do them. If you need to reschedule one, reschedule it (don't delete it).

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  4. Turn off automatic property search emails
    Once you've closed on your property, you can safely turn off property search emails until you're ready to buy another property.

    Ask your Real Estate Broker to pause the automatic property search emails for you until you're ready to start buying again.

    Mark this task as complete when you've asked your Real Estate Broker to pause your property search emails.

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  5. Read "Catch Up For Retirement Nomad Overview"
  6. Class Watch "Catch Up Nomad Overview" Recording of Live Class
    Watch the recording of the live presentation of "Catch Up Nomad Overview" available on:

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