Checklist Tags

These are the checklists related to Contract Deadline: Possession Time.

These tasks are when you're under contract to buy the property and related to the Possession Time in the "Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate".

This deadline relates to the time on the Possession Date you actually get to occupy the property.

We typically use "Time of Closing" as the date for the Possession Deadline if you're getting possession at Closing.

If you've agreed to a "Post-Closing Occupancy Agreement" with the Seller to allow them to stay in the property after Closing, then your Possession Date and Time will be different then "Date of Closing" and dictated by the "Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate" and your "Post-Closing Occupancy Agreement".

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  1. Complete "Possession Time" checklist
  2. Take possession of the property