Analyzing Deals 102 – Fix and Flips – 2016 Edition

Number of Buy, Fix and Resell Transactions By Year It is rare that we teach a class on the “buy, fix up and resell” strategy. If you’re curious, check it out… In this class you’ll learn: What is the 70% rule and how do you use it? How common are fix and flip deals in NoCo (charts)? How profitable are fix and flip deals in NoCo (more charts)? Minimum profit targets for fix and flip deals Actual fix and flip example Why flipping is a job and not a passive investment strategy How to finance your fix and flips The … Read more

Financing Nomad 101 – Nomad™ Investor Club Edition

How do you finance buying your investment properties? In this class you’ll learn: How do you overcome fear? Real estate is said to be the IDEAL investment (income, depreciation, equity build up, appreciation and leverage) Comparing an early version of the Return on Investment Quadrants™ for the same property without leverage, with leverage and with Nomad™ leverage Nothing down loan programs we can use in our current market The what, how and when of 3.5% down payment FHA financing (for investors) Conventional financing – the financing we can come back to many times as we acquire more properties The pros … Read more