Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing

What does your future look like? Do you dream of retiring early? Spending more time with your family and friends rather than at a 9-to-5 job? Traveling the world? Colorado Springs real estate investing can be your key to financial freedom, and the team behind the Real Estate Financial Planner™ is here to help. We offer countless resources and tools to help set you up for success. Ready to get started? Read on for our beginners’ guide to Colorado Springs real estate investing. Choose Your Goal The first step you need to take is determining why you want to jump … Read more

Denver Real Estate Investing

Are you looking for a way to achieve financial independence and retire early? Do you want a new way to save money for your future and make the most of your time? Denver real estate investing can be the answer. Denver is a rich real estate market, and with the right information, tools, and connections, you can make investing work for you. The Real Estate Financial Planner™ and the library of resources here on site can be your key to success. Explore Our Free Real Estate Investing Classes Not sure where to start? Follow our guide to learn what you … Read more

Getting Started with Fort Collins Real Estate Investing

If you’re looking to learn about how to get started with Fort Collins real estate investing then you’ve found the mother-lode of goodies from someone who has been helping hundreds of local Northern Colorado real estate investors since 2003. We have hundreds of videos, podcast episodes, spreadsheets, articles, tools and resources if you’re interested in investing in Fort Collins. How to Get Your First Deal Done Brian teaches a special class on how to get your first deal done. Here’s the recording of the presentation, but if you have any questions just leave a comment below. Included in the class … Read more