Blueprints™ are computer-generated narrated explanations of Scenarios. Blueprints™ tell the story of the Accounts, Properties and Rules in a Scenario so you can see how the Scenario unfolds over time by looking at each Significant Event within the Scenario.

Find a Blueprint™ you're curious about below to read through the Blueprint™.

Then, if you're interested in seeing how changing the assumptions for Accounts, Properties or any of the Rules would change the results, copy the Scenario to your Account on the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software (or Login if you already have an account) and edit any or all of the assumptions.

We have  Blueprints for  Scenarios we've created and you can see  Blueprints for  Scenarios you've created.

Popular Blueprints

Here are links to blog posts with some of the more popular  Blueprints.

Your Blueprints

 Blueprints are created when you run the  Scenario.

You can view a  Blueprint for any  Scenario you create in your Real Estate Financial Planner™ account (if your Membership Plan includes access to  Blueprints ).