Best Real Estate Investing Books

I read at least 50 books a year and have since at least 2000. Many of these books are books are real estate investing. I am often asked what are the best real estate investing books I’ve ever read are.

Best Real Estate Investing Books

Here’s my personal list of what I consider to be some of the best real estate investing books ever written. They are NOT in order: meaning the one at the top is not necessarily better than the last one. Each one is better than the others in its own way.

How to Achieve Financial Independence and Live Your Passion Regardless of Age or Income: 10 Paths to Financial Independence Analyzed

Maybe I’m biased, but this is—by far—the best real estate investing book ever written on analyzing and modeling a variety of real estate investing strategies to achieve financial independence. It goes over the actual math of how to model a variety of plans and tells you how long each plan will take to achieve financial independence and exactly, mathematically, how independent you will be.

Plus, it gives you links in the book to be able to copy the exact plan to your own Real Estate Financial Planner™ account and modify it to match your own personal assumptions. In a word: amazing!

And, you can download it for free.

Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Jay Papasan and Gary Keller interviewed a number of real estate investors to discover the best practices in common with them and shares them in this book. It is probably one of my favorite real estate investing books.

We love this book so much, we even teach a class where we talk about our favorite take-aways from the book.

Building Wealth One House at a Time

I remember first listening this book as an audiobook on a long-drive to do some investing of my own in another state. I found it exceptional and I think you’ll love John W Schaub’s book as well.

Hold: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth

If you’re looking for a good book on buying cash-flowing properties, Hold: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth will teach you some of the key basics with a good overview on how to analyze rental properties.

Investing in Real Estate With Lease Options and “Subject-To” Deals : Powerful Strategies for Getting More When You Sell, and Paying Less When You Buy

This book, by Wendy Patton, is probably the best book I know of to get a good overview of buying properties creatively using strategies like lease-options and “subject to”.

Flip: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit

If you’re interested in learning how to flip properties, I think you’ll find the Flip: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit book to be an excellent primer and systems book.

Creating Wealth

Robert G Allen’s classic Creating Wealth has a section that inspired my obsession with modeling real estate investments and the creation of the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software. If you can skip over the chapters on stuff other than real estate, this book has some interesting stuff about investing in real estate that is worth reading.

A Note On My Selection Process

I know a lot of folks would include books on topics related to real estate investing but not actual books on how the actual real estate investing in their lists of the best real estate investing books. I opted not to take that approach. Notable, books like Principles, Thou Shall Prosper and Rich Dad, Poor Dad… while near the top of my list for what they are.. do not make the cut for books on real estate investing.

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