At Investor Meeting Checklist

The following is the checklist to be used primarily by Real Estate Agent and/or Lender Sponsors when they arrive to host an investor meeting. It is based on what I use as our checklist for preparing for our investor classes in Fort Collins.

I’ve broken the at investor meeting checklist into three major components: the room, check-in table and the presentation.


  • Get key from lockbox and open door
  • Unlock door so people can get in
  • Put key back in lockbox
  • Adjust heat or A/C so room is a tiny bit on the cooler side. It will warm up a bit with a full group and you still want it cool with a packed room to keep people alert.
  • Take photos of room if tables are not arranged in classroom style so we know how to return the tables at the end of class. Arrange tables into classroom style.

Outside Venue

  • Consider putting up a-frame sign (or bandit signs) for investor club meeting outside classroom and at entrances to meeting area near busy streets to raise awareness and encourage people to stop in. We used to put a sign up outside our meeting room at the library and would get walk-by traffic to come to meetings.

Check-In Table

  • Put out the following on the check-in table:
    • Partially used rolls of name tags (red, green and black)
    • 2 Sharpie markers
    • 2 pens
    • 5 copies of the “Nomad” book.
    • Sign in sheets for new members
    • Meetup attendance sheet
    • Class Feedback Form
    • James’ Business Cards
    • If applicable: handouts for the class.
    • If applicable: extra copies of printed newsletter.
  • Review Meetup Attendance Sheet to try to memorize the names of people you’ll be seeing at the meeting—especially those you’ve met before at other meetings. This will help with check-in and help people feel more comfortable.
  • Greet people like amazing old friends


  • Using iPhone with adapter and speakers, play “Nomad” playlist at a volume that people can chat with each other pre-class so there is music on when people are coming in.
  • Setup wireless microphones to be able to record the audio for the class by setting up wireless microphone base, wireless microphones and 1/4 plu to USB cord.
  • Put fresh batteries into wireless microphone before every class. Throw away partially used batteries so we don’t confuse them with fresh, unused batteries.
  • Copy PowerPoint presentation from USB flash drive to computer and open PowerPoint presentation.
  • Start Camtasia studio and check volume levels on microphone(s) by doing a recording test.
  • Setup laser pointer and PowerPoint clicker.
  • Run through PowerPoint presentation to look for possible errors.

Class Before The Class

  • Be present and engaged for the class before the class.
  • Take photos as people arrive and network to post on Meetup, Facebook, newsletter and other marketing.

During Presentation

  • Take photos of the presenter and the attendees during the class to post on Meetup, Facebook, newsletter and other marketing.

Class After The Class (Immediately After Presentation)

  • Be present and engaged for the class after the class.
  • Spend time making people feel comfortable and welcome after the meeting.
  • Take photos of the class after the class to post on Meetup, Facebook, newsletter and other marketing.


The following are improvements I plan to make to this page based on some of my Standard Process Improvement Questions.

  • Convert this checklist to the dynamic checklist system that we can mark off and keep track of the results.
  • Add related posts plugin with shortcode and tag these checklists

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If you have any questions about it, please use the comments section below.

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