Ask Me Almost Anything – 2020 Edition

This was... THE... most important real estate investor class for… YOU.

How did I know? Because it covers the topic you're most interested in.

How did I know? Because you get to choose the topics.

That's right... this class was “Ask Me (Almost) Anything” or as I like to call it… Brian teaches every one of the 200+ different real estate investor classes we have all in one relatively short, 2-hour-and-8-minute class.

  • Want to learn about deal analysis? No problem.
  • Asset protection? Yup.
  • How to find money to invest? OK.
  • How to come up with down payments? Sure, why not!
  • How to find and screen tenants? Totally.
  • House hacking, Nomad™, something else? Got it.
  • Acquiring a gazillion dollars of properties starting with nothing? Heck yeah!
  • FIRE with real estate? Light 'er up!
  • Real estate investing with good credit, bad credit or ugly credit? Debit away!

In fact, with the ridiculous library of 257 (yeah... I just counted) real estate investor classes we've already taught, you know Brian can handle just about any questions you have.

So, watch this “AMAA” class and buckle up for an incredible ride.

Duration: 2 hours and 8 minutes
Recorded: October 4, 2020
Instructor: Brian Williams and James Orr