Arguably the Best Class of the Year – Part 1

Some topics are too short to be their own full two-hour class, but too important not to cover. We combine several mini-topics into one class that we call "Arguably the Best Class of the Year".

Part 1

  • A brief market stats update
  • What is depreciation recapture, how does it work and why you should care
  • What is the creative deals matrix, what are the characteristics of different types of creative real estate deal-making
  • Three Myths and Three Biases
  • An overview of the steps for doing "Off Market Deals"
  • "Will You Be My Mentor?" and information on finding a local mentor to help you
  • A introduction to "Cash Reserves" for rental properties
  • The "Off Market Deals" business processes

Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes
Recorded: April 26, 2017
Instructor: James Orr and Brian Williams

Arguably The Best Class of the Year

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