Analyzing Deals Podcast Guest

If you’re interested in being a guest “deal analyzer” on the Analyzing Deals podcast… first, THANK YOU! …we’re happy, excited and glad you’re here! There couldn’t be a analyzing deals podcast without guests to share how they analyze their own deals.

Plus… there is some kinda, sorta… really… some important stuff for you below to read. 🙂

Once you’re done reading the important schtuff below, there is a BIG BLUE BUTTON for you to schedule a little one-on-one time with me (which will probably be one-on-one time with the whole Analyzing Deals podcast listener community).

So, read on… my deal-analyzing friend… read on…

You Gotta Sorta Agree To These Crazy Things To Be On The Podcast As A Guest… Them Be The Rules!

Hey… (actually hay is for horses but enough of that silliness for now)… please do read the following “dotted” items… they be important.

If you can agree that they be OK, we’re some MAJOR STEPS closer to having you on the podcast. If you can’t agree to all of them… what is wrong with you? No seriously… if you can’t agree… why can’t you agree? These are things we need you to agree to before we can unleash you on the public as a guest on the Analyzing Deals podcast.

Here be the “dotted” items.

  • Since this is… kind of… a podcast about how you analyze deals… you gotta, sorta have at least one deal that you’re willing to explain to us how you analyze it. No deal for you to analyze… there really ain’t much for you to be doing on a podcast all about analyzing deals, you know?
  • You need the tech, Bill Gates! If you ain’t got a computer with a screen that we can record you going over your deal, it is really going to be hard to have you show us how you analyze a deal.
  • You won’t need to worry about paying for the service that will allow us to record your screen… we will take care of that (screen sharing/meeting software). Chillax, brah, we got that for us.
  • Sucky audio on a podcast is just… well… sucky. If peeps can’t hear you or the audio quality is horrible, that’s not good for the listeners. If it ain’t good for the listeners, they’ll be voting no to having you as a guest. So, to have goody good audio, you probably should have a microphone. Or, at a minimum… something like your headphones from your iPhone with a microphone. We can have you either call into a telephone number for your audio on the recorded screen share… so you can use your headphones with a microphone with your phone. Or, if you got a headset you can use with your computer… the screen share/recording service will do that as well. No matter how we slice it, you got to have a way to get clean audio.
  • Speaking of clean audio… you need to be able to have a distraction, noise free time when you schedule the recording. I strongly *like* little kids and love the pets and animals, but if they’re going to be loud for the recording, we should probably not schedule a recording with loud stuff in the background. Pick another day/time where it will be quiet.
  • And while we’re on the clean theme… since we are going to be recording your screen… make sure you “put away” all your sensitive or private or confidential or adult-only stuff on your computer before you get on to screen share. I don’t want to see your bank account info, photos of you gigolo or mistress (or worse), plans to take over the world, secret messages to the aliens abducting your local livestock, etc. I prefer to live in a constant state of blissful denial about such things and I’m not good at editing such things out after the recording.
  • Good news… you CAN record this in your birthday suit, underwear or pengiun outfit… heck… ladies… if you’ve been looking for another opportunity to wear that bridal gown a second time… this could be it… because, we do NOT need you to have a web cam… in fact… we insist you have it off… you’ll be just sharing your screen as you analyze deals… not live streaming video of you.
  • Captain obvious here, but if you want to be a guest on the podcast, we got to record it. So, we do intend to record the screen-share. Also, to be on the podcast you got to give us the rights to publish the episode on the podcast and market the crap out of it if we get off our lazy heinies and do such things. If we can’t publish it and market it, please don’t book it. That would make my cute dog, Echo, sad.
  • We don’t do “live without a net”. I’d clam up and get too nervous. So, we record all the episodes and then publish them after, so nothing is broadcast live.
  • Don’t say crazy stuff. I have a friend—you know who you are—that likes to try to shock me by saying crazy stuff. We only need one friend like that in our lives… and, as I mentioned, I already got one. Keep it professional… keep it pure.
  • If I suck… or if something ain’t amazing from the recording… we do reserve the right to just forget about the recording (like eight-grade Prom night) and not publish it. Our choice and for our own reasons.
  • Ain’t no direct money in this for me or for you. I won’t be getting a paycheck for recording this with you. Neither will you. Who knows… you may become famous from being on the podcast and that money’s all yours, but we won’t be paying you to be on the podcast, or when others listen to the podcast or anything like that.

You’re Amazing and People Deserve to Know It

You’re amazing. I know you. You know it. People listening to the podcast should know it.

You should get some promotional benefit from being on the podcast as guest. However, this ain’t no hour-long 2 AM infomercial about face cream. You want to mention what your biz-nass is… OK. If you start repeating yourself repeatedly over-and-over… those be fighting words. Don’t be doing that boo!

I pledge allegiance to the LISTENERS. Without them, this podcast ain’t nothing.

You’re amazing. You’re awesome. Let people know about it… once. We can put a little something something on how peeps can contact you, find you, check out your amazingness in the show notes as well. I’m more absent-minded professor than elephant, so just remind me to put your URL and contact info in the show notes after the recording.

Do I Keep Repeating Myself?

Is there an echo, echo, echo, echo, echo in here?

You may hear these questions repeatedly across episodes and guests on this podcast.

A Boy Scout (“Be Prepared”), might think about how they might answer these questions… BEFORE… we do the recording. It is not easy to go back with that amazing reply (“ahhh… I should have said this or that”) once the recording is done.

So, you may or may not hear these questions:

  • What is your name and where are you from (city)? You are not required to reveal your last name… although many guests do reveal their last names.
  • How did you find the deal? (MLS, wholesaler, marketing, etc)
  • What city is the deal located? You do NOT need to reveal the actual address of the property.
  • Did you end up buying the deal? Why or why not?
  • What makes a deal a “deal” that you would buy?
  • Where do you get your rent comps from?
  • What do you use for your vacancy number? Why?
  • What do you use for your maintenance/capital expenses number? Why?
  • Where did you get the spreadsheet/software to analyze your deals from?
  • What is your level of experience analyzing deals? The following is our experience grouping criteria based on the number of purchase closings you’ve personally had for deals you’ve bought. We do not count units or doors… we count number of purchase closings:
    • Beginner Deal-Maker: 3 or less purchase closings
    • Apprentice Deal-Maker: 4-10 purchase closings
    • Journeyman Deal-Maker: 11-20 purchase closings
    • Master Deal-Maker: 21+ purchase closings
  • What is your process for analyzing a deal from when you first learn about it?
  • How many deals do you typically analyze compared to how many you end up buying?

Anthony Robbins:
“If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.”

You been talking about getting on that amazing analyzing deals podcast. Dream engaged… Check.

You’ve been envisioning the smart, wise, entertaining things you’d say about how you analyze deals. The adoration of your real estate investing peers made possible… check.

Now… schedule that poop and get it done. Use the button below.

Click It To Schedule It!

3… 2… 1… Launch

This podcast is still in the womb.

We don’t need 9 months… we need 10 victims… I mean volunteers… to step up and show the world how its done.

Once I got 10 episodes… 10 guests recorded… we are clear for launch. I hope to have that done by January 2020, but it ain’t up to me… it is up to amazing deal-analyzing people like you.

So, are you in?

You Got “Q”s, I May Have “A”s

If you got questions, I maybe… just might… have answers. It may not be the right answers, but when did that ever stop me before, right?!

Drop me that electronic mail or a comment below if you got “Q”s for my “A”s… [email protected].

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