Analyzing Deals Classes

The following are classes on how to analyze real estate deals using The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ and the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software.

Plus, some special classes on the Return in Dollars Quadrant™ which shows how much in dollars you’re making on the investment from each of the four areas of return.

Return in Dollars Quadrant™

And, the Return on Investment Quadrant™ which shows you the return divided by your initial investment for each of the four areas of return:

Return on Investment Quadrant™

Or, if you’d rather see the return from the four areas of return on the equity you have in your property, then consider the Return on Equity Quadrant™:

Return on Equity Quadrant™

In the class, Everything You Learned About Deal Analysis is Wrong – ROIQ+R™, we introduced the Return on Investment Quadrant + Reserves™ (ROIQ+R™). This accounts for the reserves you should have when you invest in rental properties as well. An example of the ROIQ+R™ is shown below.

Everything You Learned About Deal Analysis is Wrong – ROIQ+R™

We’ve also created some tools to quickly assess how poor or amazing your cash flow is on your rental properties with the Cash Flow Power Meter™. We can show you a snapshot of how the property is performing (typically at the time of purchase) like this:

Or, we can show you how it perform over time as demonstrated in this class:

Cash Flow Power Meter™


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