An Intro to Buy and Hold Real Estate Deal Analysis

When analyzing cash flowing, buy and hold rental properties... what do you put in each field? How does deal analysis differ when analyzing single family homes versus condos versus townhomes versus duplexes/triplexes/fourplexes versus apartments? What do you use in The World's Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ for each type of property?

In this class you'll learn:

  • A detailed walk-through of The World's Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™
  • What's different and what's the same when analyzing different types of properties and what the spreadsheet can be used to analyze
  • How Excel experts can "unlock" the spreadsheet and why everyone else does NOT need to
  • What to use for each field in the rental property calculator
  • Best practices when using the spreadsheet and dealing with mistakes as you analyze deals
  • Entering in your property purchase information and analyzing deals
  • Interpreting results and making investment decisions using the spreadsheet
  • Cash flow analysis for both income and expenses on the spreadsheet
  • Overall analysis if sold

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Duration: 2 hours and 4 minutes
Recorded: April 27, 2022
Instructor: James Orr