10 Tips to Get Offers Accepted in Hot Markets

Offer Max Price and Appraisal Gap Summary

Real estate markets can cycle between hot and cold. In hot real estate markets it is often harder to acquire properties and get your offer accepted. Should you find yourself in a hot market cycle, here are tips for getting your offer accepted.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Tips regarding price to improve the odds of getting your offer accepted
  • How to use appraisal gaps and appraisal waivers and the dangers of doing so
  • Using escalation clauses correctly and safely and how to avoid over-paying
  • The importance of calling the Seller’s Broker and what to say and what NOT to say
  • How to leverage your lender and loan type to improve your chances
  • Strengthening your offer using your inspection rights, the risks of doing so and how to mitigate those risks
  • The importance and value of using hot sheets
  • How to correctly use earnest money as a sign of strength and when to do it (and when not)
  • The devastating impact of conditional sales and some alternatives/solutions
  • The hidden power of backup positions and why you might want to consider utilizing this strategy

Duration: 1 hour 57 minutes
Recorded: April 21, 2021
Instructor: James Orr